Steps to Controlling Cockroaches

Are cockroaches in your home making you sick to your stomach? If so, you are not by yourself. One of the most prevalent and bothersome pests that may live in a home is the cockroach, but happily there are some easy steps you can do to get rid of them permanently.

Prevent Infestation:

Eating should be discouraged in areas other than the kitchen.
All foodstuffs should be stored in closed containers.
Water sources should be eliminated by caulking cracks around faucets and pipe fittings.
Cracks and crevices where cockroaches can enter the home should be sealed.
Individual bait stations are recommended. If possible, baiting should be done outside the home as well.
Boric acid, formulated for use as a pesticide, is comparatively less toxic than cholinesterase inhibitors and pyrethroids, and can be used in cracks and crevices in areas inaccessible to children.

Help From an Exterminator:

An experienced exterminator should be called in if these efforts fail. Be sure the extermination company is certified and experienced, and ask what insecticide will be applied and any potential hazardous consequences.

Before Using Any Insecticide in the Home:

All food, dishes, cooking utensils, kid’s toys, and clothing should be removed or kept clean.

After Application of the Insecticide:

Young children and pregnant women should stay out of the area for as long as possible.
Air out the room well by cross ventilation for 4 to 8 hours before people and pets return.
Do not allow crawling babies in the area until it has been well vacuumed or mopped and you are certain that the pesticide was not applied in an area where the infant can reach. For example, if the pesticide is applied to the wall, a crawling infant could hold onto the wall or wipe his hands and sustain a significant exposure.
Avoid using over-the-counter bug sprays and bug bombs.