General Safety

Childproofing Tips for Grandparents

As an adult grandparent, your grandchild’s safety and wellbeing are essential to you. Particularly when they’re under your supervision – at your home, at your parents in their car, or anywhere else, make sure you’ve taken every measure to ensure they’re secured and safe.

If you are planning to have your grandchild visit or stay in your home, make sure you read and implement these safety guidelines.

Home security is a must

Smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in the appropriate places all over the house.

Pet food and pets must be kept away from a child’s reach.

The escape plan should be considered ahead of time and fire extinguishers must be easily accessible.

Gates should be placed at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

The medication should be kept away from the sight and away from the reach of children, and kept in containers that are child-proof. Your purse, or other bags away from children when you keep any medication in them.

Soft bumpers or covers should be placed in the vicinity of solid or sharp furniture.

As well as these common guidelines Be sure to save important phone numbers in your phone and in the phone you use. In case of emergency, you’ll need to contact 911 not just in the event of an emergency however, you should also call particular relatives.

Another security concern walking aids may be unstable and pose an opportunity for danger. If you are able to put them in the closet or into a room that your child won’t be able to access whenever he comes to visit.

Nursery/sleeping areas

If you have stored your crib for your child in the garage or attic, maybe waiting for the coming of a grandchild in the near future then swap it out for a new crib. The guidelines for equipment and furniture have been drastically altered and a crib that was built prior to June 2011 won’t be able to meet the safety standards of today. This could be the case for older furniture and furniture which could pose dangers for children, like older play yards.

Purchase a changing table, make use of your bed or even put an old towel on the floor to change your baby’s diapers. As he grows older and is more inclined to shake around, you might require a second person assist with changing his diaper.

Don’t let your grandchild lie in your mattress.


Install “kiddie locks” on lower cabinets. To be more secure, remove hazardous cleaners and other chemicals away from reach.

Unhook any cords hanging around like those from the toaster or the coffeepot.

Make sure you take extra precautions prior to giving your child food cooked using microwaves. Microwaves are able to heat liquids and solids in a different way and food items may appear mildly warmer on the outside, but extremely hot inside.


Keep inhalers, pills and other prescription or nonprescription drugs along with medical equipment in a secure location away from the access of the grandchild. Be sure that your medication of any kind is secured out of reach and from the reach of children and reach. Get rid of any old or unneeded medicines by following the directions on the label on the medicine or in the package insert. If the label doesn’t provide directions, search for a drug-return program within your local area.

Install non-slip flooring inside your tub to prevent falls that could be dangerous.

If there are handles or bars in the bathtub that are for your use, make sure to cover them with soft fabric if bathing your baby there.

Never let your child go unsupervised in a bathtub or sink full of water.

Baby equipment

Do not leave your child alone in an the highchair or an infant seat that is located at a high level such as countertops or tables.

Don’t use baby strollers that move.


Find brand new games that will delight your grandson that include various sights, sounds and colors. Basic toys could be as enjoyable as more elaborate ones. Keep in mind that regardless of how expensive the toy is your interaction with your child is far more vital.

toys, books, programs, as well as other electronic content must be appropriate for children’s age and should challenge children according to their development level.

Avoid toys with small pieces that baby’s the mouths, and then swallow. Use the instructions on the packaging to choose toys that are suitable for the age of your child.

Make sure that small batteries for buttons that are used in hearing aids and remotes, away from the the reach of children. If children swallow the batteries, or place these batteries into their mouths, it could cause serious chemical burns.

Since toy boxes can be hazardous, ensure they are kept out of your home. You can also search for one that does not have a lid or lid.


Check that the automatic reversing mechanism of the garage door in operation.

Do not leave a vehicle running in the garage since the deadly carbon monoxide gas be accumulating quickly.

Be sure to store all pesticides and garden chemicals and tools in a cabinet that is locked and away from reach.

Safety out of the home

Safety out of the home

Get an vehicle security seat to keep in your vehicle. Check that it’s correctly installed (or employ a professional trained to set it up) and you’re able to connect your child to it effortlessly. Try out your buckles, clasps, and straps prior to you purchase the safety seat, as their use is different. You must ensure that your grandchild is not in danger before pulling your vehicle out of the garage or walking down the driveway.

Get a stroller that you can use around your neighborhood.

When you go shopping, if you can, shop at stores that have child-friendly shopping carts with seats that are low in relation to ground. Avoid putting your car’s safety seat inside the cart for shopping and don’t put your child in the seat on the highest point of the cart, if it is possible.

If you own the tricycle or bicycle at family home, be sure that you have a helmet and make sure that the shoes are closed to safeguard the feet as well as his toes. It is possible to let him pick an appropriate helmet style or color that you can be sure he will wear it.

While playgrounds are enjoyable, they can also be risky. Pick one that’s been specifically designed to keep kids as safe as they can that is, those in parks that are run by community or schools are typically good choices.

Be sure to check your personal yard for anything that could be hazardous or toxic.

Make sure your grandchild is out of the garden whenever you are using a mower or any other tools for yard maintenance are being employed. Don’t let your child sit on your lap while you mow.

If you own an in-laws in the form of a pool or bring your grandchild to a different park or home with the pool, there should be at least a four-foot-high (1.2 meters) four-sided fence that has an auto-closing, self-latching gate that surrounds the pool. Be sure that neighboring pools are fenced in too. Although your grandson appears to be a great swimmer, you should practice touching supervision whenever your grandchild is near the water. Also, you should be aware of the basics of CPR and know how to swim.