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Tips for Grandparents Who Provide Child Care

As grandparent, you could be the one who provides the child’s care in certain instances, for instance, on a specific one or two days during the week, or even for a short period of time every now and then.

The suggestions regarding the ideal environment for your child, safety concerns as well as special needs and how big the family (if you have multiple children) must be taken into consideration.

You’re not “another babysitter”

As grandparent, your position is distinctive and crucial. You’re not “another babysitter.” You are a vital part of the family and provide the continuity between generations, which your grandchild will be able to comprehend and appreciate.

  • Profit from this crucial role. Your involvement with your grandchild, in introducing him to the world of yours is invaluable. Keep it in your heart.

  • Take advantage of those occasions that you’re the babysitter, and be willing regular visits when you can.

  • Tell tales with your child, and listen to him read regularly.

Assisting in pickup and drop off

In some instances, you may not be the primary caretaker for your grandchild, however, you’ll transport your grandchild between and back to a childcare center or babysitter.

  • If you are driving with your grandchild, make certain that he is secured in the correct vehicle seat all the time.

  • Give another pair of eyes to assess your high-quality of your center or the sitter. This will ensure that parents of your grandchild feel safe in their preference of child care setting.

NOTE: If you’ve accepted the responsibility of picking up and dropping off your child at regular intervals, you should introduce yourself to the person responsible at this location and give them your contact number to serve as a contact point.

Times have changed.

As you may have noticed, the time has changed, but loving care remains the foundational and eternal ingredient in helping children thrive.

Be aware of the latest medical breakthroughs since you were raising your own children. You can do this by asking your grandparents to share their knowledge. Medical professionals have discovered a lot about letting babies sleep in their beds as well as safer medication available over the counter to treat illnesses in addition to many other aspects. This keeps us young and able to learn about new things.

Safety of medication

In your home, be sure you secure all personal medication you have by storing them away from reach or view to ensure that your grandchild doesn’t take them away. Check out the Childproofing Tips for Grandparents for more details.